A message from the New Brunswick property Tax Reform:

A storm of protest has erupted in New Brunswick about the flawed property tax system. The wildly inaccurate results delivered to the public for the 2017 tax year, coupled with a botched attempt to sweep the errors under the rug has the Province and Service NB on the run. Now is the time to double down on our petition and demand a privatized system such as that of Alberta where legislation defines a system of Professional Assessors and requires Municipalities to get bids every four years, taking the lowest, for a total reassessment. No cozy self-dealing, no political interference, no huge pension obligations!

~William Smith, St. Andrews, NB

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The Petition States:

Dear Brian Gallant,

Our Province has seen fit for many years to levy a provincial property tax to three distinct groups of taxpayers: non-resident owners such as summer residents, cottage owners etc.; rental properties; and business owners. In recent years, a decade or so, as property values in North America exploded, rising much faster than the average rate of inflation, so did the assessments and therefore tax levies for these people. Many are from outside and bring “foreign” money to us, many are people with principal residences who enjoy cottage country or hunting and fishing camps. Quite a few are retired and living on some mix of fixed income. Our small business community, who are often held up as the backbone of our economy, pay among the highest property taxes in Canada.

We do not agree with the structure of the property tax levy in New Brunswick for the following reasons:

  • Non-resident tax assessments require that non-residents pay disproportionately for services and infrastructure they do not fully utilize. This inevitably inhibits purchases and investments to maintain, upgrade, or improve property.
  • The community and the province enjoy a net benefit from the contributions of the three distinct groups through taxes, participation in community activities, purchases of goods and services, and bringing their own perspective to the artistic and intellectual life of the community.
  • The practice of the Provincial Government to levy an added property tax over and above the municipal tax for non principal residences and businesses is counterproductive. It inhibits investment, business creation, construction, and the related jobs that sustain local economies. It should be rescinded.
  • Overzealous property tax implemented by government reduces discretionary spending and forces people to sell their homes and (or) discourages others from purchasing, ultimately decreasing the tax base.  This creates a downward spiral of property value which translates into increases in tax rates to maintain income by the government, which is self defeating.


New Brunswick Property Tax Reform


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